Forensic Accountants are Needed More than Ever

Society is facing the increasing prospect of local, national and international financial crimes perpetrated by individuals and members of organized crime.  Traditional patterns of crime are continuously being expanded and new techniques involving cybercrime and shadow banking systems are taking hold.  Criminals are very clever, well-financed, and have proven very able to erode the fabric of society.  However, new techniques are evolving for preventing crime and apprehending criminals such as fraud risk assessment, data analytics and security, and understanding the psychology of fraudsters.  More than ever, it is essential for dedicated, intelligent investigators to develop an understanding of old and new criminal patterns, and a mastery of new and old techniques for their identification and resolution.

The MFAcc is designed to provide the required understanding and mastery.  On a time-tested, online, distance education platform, it will offer an advanced, master’s level education for professional accountants, lawyers, and other investigators.  It will cover the theories, techniques and skills required for the investigation of financial crimes, the issues involved and computations required for the valuation of assets and businesses as well as the settlement of disputes, and the provision of expert assistance on these matters to courts, lawyers, corporations, and employers. 

The MFAcc offers an enhancement of the University’s Diploma in Investigative & Forensic Accounting Program that has offered outstanding online education for over 10 years.  As such, the MFAcc intends to become the preferred preparation for forensic accountants not only in Canada, but also worldwide, as well as persons in risk management and compliance functions, business valuation, fraud investigation in law enforcement, and financial investigations for such as the World Bank, The United Nations, and others. 

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Fast Facts:

  • Online Distance Learning from anywhere in the world therefore NO study visas required
  • Part-Time so you can work as you study
  • 10 courses over 2 years, one course at a time (while you work
  • web based in 'real time'
  • Join over 300 graduates in over 12 countries
  • Fully accredited and industry recognized

Applications are now being accepted... 

Events and Announcements

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Posted September 5, 2017

Application is now Open for the Master of Forensic Accounting program

The application for September 2018 is now open.  To apply to next year's class, click here.

Posted September 5, 2017

Commemorating the past, launching the future

On May 1st, alumni from the University of Toronto Mississauga’s Diploma in Investigative & Forensic Accounting (DIFA) program convened at the Ontario Bar Association’s Conference Centre in Toronto for the inaugural reunion dinner and awards night. The event, labelled Forensic Accounting Transitions, which brought together more than 40 alumni and administrative staff and guests, also launched the new version of the program, the Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc).  Read More 



A few times a year, the MFAcc program hosts an Online Lecture Series for Alumni.  This one hour session covers a range of timely subjects.  This upcoming session is Tips & Traps for Expert Witnesses:  How to Prepare for & Survive an Aggressive Cross- Examination.  The session is Friday May 26th at 1:00 pm EST.

For more information and to register....


Posted April 28, 2017


Award Nominations Now being Accepted

The Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc) program, formerly the Diploma in Investigative & Forensic Accounting (DIFA) program, will offer the following Awards on an annual or periodic basis.  Nominations will be gathered from MFAcc-DIFA stakeholders including alumni, instructors, and others, and awards will be decided by an Awards Committee chaired by the Program Director.

Nominations are now being called for by the MFAcc-DIFA program Director.  Nominations to be in by April 18th, 2017.  For more information...

Posted April 4, 2017


The Master of Forensic Accounting Program is hosting a one hour online Information Session on April 25, 2017.  The session will begin at 2:00 pm EST.   Do you have what it takes to be a forensic accountant - find out in this interactive online session.  To Register...

Posted March 27, 2017

MFAcc is pleased to be one of the sponsors for this year's ACFI Conference...

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Posted March 1, 2017

In the News....

"A prominent Canadian businessman and co-founder of Canada’s largest golf club operator has been charged with eight business associates in connection with an alleged criminal organization that defrauded businesses, banks and investors of more than $30 million."  "A former director at Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District, regarded as one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs, has been arrested and charged in connection to an alleged fraud scheme of nearly $1 million."  At a time when these Headlines are common place - a new master’s program launching this fall at U of T Mississauga will train the next generation of forensic investigators in the latest techniques to detect financial discrepancies and apprehend criminals around the world.   read more...

Posted January 5, 2017

Cyber Security. Evolved. - December 2016

In less than 300 seconds you can experience the speed and intensity of a cyber attack.  Today companies can defend themselves, taking control of the situation - effectively fighting back.  Are you prepared?  see video...

Posted December 15, 2016

A Welcome Addition.... - December 2016

A Welcome Addition....Fraudsters of the world, be forewarned. A new master’s program launching next fall at U of T Mississauga will train the next generation of forensic investigators in the latest techniques to detect financial discrepancies and apprehend criminals around the world. Read more...

Posted December 15, 2016

SCAMS & SHAMS - November 2016

Hollywood director David Frankel is suing a large independent film distributor for fraud, while an Ontario man has been charged for allegedly selling bogus tickets to the Tragically Hip’s final concert.  Tamar Satov reports on these and other fraud activities in this month's addition of CPA Magazine.  Read more...

Posted November 1, 2016


The University of Toronto has been working with the Scotiabank to increase the credit limit available for potential students. The total credit limit for MFAcc is now $30K.  Read more...


Its been over ten years since we witnessed the convocation of the first DIFA Class. These students have gone on to be industry leaders. DIFA Alumni enjoy successful and rewarding careers in a varied number of roles within firms, government, education, law, public sector, banking and as entrepreneurs.  Read More......

Posted February 18, 2016





Forensic Accounting Partner with Grant Thornton's Specialist Advisory Services practice and a graduate of the DIFA Program, David Malamed is the Canadian Chartered Accountant Magazine's Technical Editor for Fraud and a regular columnist. 

Boiler-room scams aren’t just the stuff of movies like Martin Scorcese’s 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. Con artists around the world continue to rake in millions by persuading investors to spend a fortune on worthless stocks and shares. If anyone thought that boiler-room scams, the type featured in the 2013 Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, were a thing of the past, the arrest of an international gang of fraudsters in late February of 2014 put that notion to rest.  Read More...

Posted February 18, 2016