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Daniel Ma
Daniel Ma › Senior Manager - Forensic Disputes & Investigations, BDO Canada

Daniel has over 10 years of professional experience in the field of forensic and investigative accounting, specializing in fraud and financial crime investigations, forensic accounting review, litigation support, anti-money laundering and economic loss quantification.

Daniel has worked through private and public sectors across Canada, the United States, China, and Hong Kong. He has led an extensive amount of domestic and cross-border matters involving white collar crime, financial statement manipulation, bribery and corruption, procurement fraud, shareholder disputes, contractual breaches and conflict of interest.

Daniel has supported counsels and clients through dispute resolution processes, including mediation, arbitration and litigation proceedings. He has prepared expert reports and schedules in different jurisdictions, and regularly presented findings to engaging parties including counsel, senior executives and shareholders. Daniel has also assisted regulators and the Department of Justice in the United States on monitoring cases involving bribery and corruption.

Daniel also leads the financial crime service team with specific focuses on anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruptions. He has worked with various multi-national clients and their counsel on cross-border deals and internal investigation involving bribery and corruption risks.


How did your experience in the MFAcc program contribute to your career success?


Before enrolling the MFAcc Program, I had been working in the field of forensic accounting for a few years, focusing primarily on investigations. However, the program has opened a broader world of forensic accounting to me. I was able to take a good grasp of and manage different types of engagements without experiencing a significant learning curve.


What are some of the key skills and knowledge you acquired during the MFAcc program that are still important to you today?


The technical skills are certainly valuable. But what is more beneficial is the distinct forensic accountant mindset the MFAcc program instills in its students throughout the curriculum. The mindset equips students with the ability to navigate complex financial landscapes, think comprehensively; beyond the surface and deliver insights that drive informed decision-making. 


What were some of the most valuable lessons and/or memorable experiences from your time at MFAcc?


The capstone is definitely one of the most memorable experiences for me - especially the interview and moot trial assignments. It was set up as a real-world scenario with distinguished professionals from industry. It was intense and I did feel pressured, but it was a great experience which helped me prepare for my future career in the industry and transform from a forensic accountant to a forensic expert.


What advice would you give to professionals who are looking to pursue a degree and career in Forensic Accounting?


Focus on building a strong knowledge foundation and stay updated on industry trends. Develop strong communication skills, whether it is writing comprehensive reports or presenting yourself. Start building your professional network.  


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