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Inderjot Dhoot
Inderjot Dhoot Founder & Principal, Omnis Valuations & Advisory Ltd.

JT Dhoot is the Founder and Principal of Omnis Valuations & Advisory Ltd, a boutique consulting firm offering commercial real estate advisory, business valuations, forensic accounting and litigation support services. JT’s well-rounded and deep understanding of business and real property valuations, investigative and forensic accounting, private equity investment analyses, real estate development, governance and alternative dispute resolution has enabled him to provide holistic guidance to a diverse clientele across a broad range of financial matters and disputes. Outside of his professional practice, JT teaches at the University of Calgary as a Sessional Instructor, serves as a Trustee and Chair of the Audit Committee of Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust, and volunteers his time with several organizations in various capacities. 

JT earned his Bachelor of Applied Financial Services degree from Mount Royal University and is an Accredited Appraiser (AACI), Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), Corporate Director (ICD.D) and a graduate of the Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc) program at the University of Toronto.





What motivated your decision to pursue the MFAcc program?


My decision to enroll in the Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc) program was driven by my curiosity to learn more about investigative and forensic accounting, a specialized area of practice that receives limited coverage in other professional programs. As most Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) hold a professional accounting designation and I do not, I felt that adding a professional qualification like MFAcc would complement my education and experiences perfectly. I wanted to learn real-world insights from subject matter experts willing to share their knowledge and tricks of the trade in a supportive environment that can only exist in a classroom setting. 


What are some of the key skills and knowledge you acquired during the MFAcc program that are still important to you today?


Participating in this program has been an enriching journey that has equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge in the investigative and forensic accounting space. One of the most significant benefits I gained is confidence. Through the combination of a master’s level curriculum, coursework and practical experiences, I’ve deepened my understanding of the profession, which has instilled a sense of confidence in tackling complex challenges and projects.

Learning about what it really means to be an expert witness, including the do’s and don’ts in preparing expert reports and providing expert witness testimony, were also valuable lessons that will undoubtedly help me throughout my career. The Integrative Capstone component of the program was a rewarding experience that allowed me to test my skills while gaining invaluable feedback from industry leaders in law and forensic accounting. 


What were some of the most valuable lessons and/or memorable experiences from your time at MFAcc?


My research paper on investigative and forensic accounting issues in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was a substantial amount of work that helped me understand the similarities and differences between fraud in smaller organizations versus larger ones. My research paper reinforced many of the concepts I had learned earlier in the program, including the psychological aspects of fraud;  however, I also discovered areas for further research specific to fraud within an SME context. 

Beyond the many lessons I learned, I’m grateful for the connections that I was able to develop with my classmates and professors over an intensive two-year program.


Are there any major accomplishments or achievements you would like to share with us?


It’s an immense privilege to have received the 2024 Top CBV Under 40 Award in memory of David Cornfield, CA, CBV

Like many CBVs, I stumbled across the business valuation profession rather than having it mapped out in some master plan. Looking back at the thirteen years since I discovered the designation, I couldn’t be happier with the things I’ve learned and the people I’ve met, none of which would have been possible without the help of the CBV Institute and its passionate Members. My unconventional path to becoming a CBV and being recognized by my peers with this Award speaks to the strength of the CBV community, a group of professionals dedicated to business valuation excellence across increasingly diverse practice areas.

To my family, friends, colleagues and clients – thank you! No matter how big or small, favourable or adverse, I truly appreciate your contributions in shaping my professional journey.


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