CFF Credential Reciprocity Agreement

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CFF Credential Grants Exam & Education Reciprocity


MFAcc Graduates after January 1, 2023

We are pleased to advise that the AICPA has decided that you have fulfilled both the education and the exam requirements for the AICPA Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) Credential.  The AICPA offers free membership for students to enable those who are interested in acquiring the CFF credential.  This recognition of the MFAcc degree represents a significant external recognition of the curriculum, students, and instructors of our program.


  • As of January 1, 2023, graduates of the Master of Forensic Accounting degree from the University of Toronto will be considered to have met the education and exam requirements for the CFF.
  • The other requirements for CFF credentialling, including business experience hours, CPA licensure or its equivalent, recertification hours, and AICPA Regular or International Associate membership in good standing, must be satisfied prior to CFF credential application.
  • Graduates from the Master of Forensic Accounting degree program may refer to themselves as CFF candidates if registered as an AICPA student membership while they complete the necessary requirements for CFF credential application. Candidates may use the CFF Credential only after applications have been submitted with formal approval from the AICPA.

MFAcc students and graduates after January 1, 2023, who wish to participate in this AICPA CFF credentialing process must advise the MFAcc Program Coordinator who will instruct you how to join the AICPA as student members and will validate your status with the AICPA. AICPA student membership is free.

MFAcc Graduates Prior to 2023

The AICPA will continue to recognize the education equivalency of your preparation in our MFAcc Program.  Specifically, graduates of the MFAcc program will be considered to have satisfied the CFF credential education requirement and be provided with one-time complimentary access to the CFF Credential Examination. Please bear in mind that to qualify fully for the CFF you must:

  • Hold a valid and unrevoked CPA license or recognized equivalent.
  • Hold a Regular or International Associate AICPA membership.
  • Pass the CFF Exam. 
  • Meet the education requirement.  
  • Satisfy the minimum 1000-hour forensic accounting related business experience requirement in the past 5 years. 

If you wish to participate in this AICPA CFF credentialing process you must advise the MFAcc Program Coordinator who will instruct you on how to do so, and will validate your MFAcc status with the AICPA.