MFAcc- DIFA Awards

MFAcc-DIFA Forensic Accounting Awards

The Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc) program, formerly the Diploma in Investigative & Forensic Accounting (DIFA) program, offers Awards of Distinction on an annual basis.  Nominations are gathered from MFAcc-DIFA stakeholders including alumni, instructors, and others, and awards are decided by an Awards Committee chaired by the Program Director.  The 2020 MFAcc DIFA Reception, Dinner and Awards Night is Monday May 25 - to register go to

2019 Awards 

Forensic Accounting Lifetime Achievement Award 


Robert Lindquist

Bob Lindquist was a catalyst for the early development of the forensic accounting profession in Canada by creating the firm Lindquist Holmes in January 1975, transitioning to be a partner with KPMG in Toronto, then Washington D.C., and then to PricewaterhouseCoopers and other positions before finally creating his own firm, Lindquist Forensic Accounting Investigations.  During his four decades of IFA work, Bob has undertaken many important cases in North America and around the world.  He found time to speak authoritatively and widely, and to author "Accounting as an Investigative Aid" (1977), &  co-author two textbooks, "Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting" (1995) and "The Accounting Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime" (1993).  Bob has been sought after as a charismatic spokesperson for forensic accounting.


Distinguished Contribution to Forensic Accounting Education

wsaW. Steve Albrecht

Steve Albrecht is a professor emeritus of the Marriott School of Management of Brigham Young University (BYU). Steve is a former president of the American Accounting Association and also the first president of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  He has written many books, including:  Fraud Examination which is in its sixth edition, Fraud Examination and Prevention, and Fraud: Bringing Light to the Dark Side of Business, as well as several other accounting books.  Steve Albrecht is honored today for his continuing dedication to accounting education in general, and particularly for his distinguished contributions to the development of forensic accounting and the education of forensic accountants.


Distinguished Contribution as a Forensic Accounting Instructor  

VNVictor G. Neufeld

Victor Neufeld is forensic accounting practitioner, consultant to the IFA Standards Committee that developed the Standard Practices for Investigative and Forensic Accounting Engagements (2006), Chair of the IFA Education Committee that developed the Investigative and Forensic Accounting Competency Map (2010), and extensive contributor to and instructor in the DIFA and MFAcc programs since their inception.  He has earned the admiration the students he has taught and mentored during his association with the DIFA and MFAcc programs, and his advice has been prized greatly by the Program Director.



Distinguished Contribution to the Developement of Forensic Accounting 


Ivor Gottschalk

Ivor Gottschalk, a partner at Meaden & Moore International, has been instrumental in the development of forensic accounting for over 20 years.  Ivor was the Chair of the Standards Committee of the CICA's Alliance for Excellence in IFA when the Standard Practices for Investigative and Forensic Accounting Engagements was issued in 2006.  He has also co-authored seminal publications for the IFA Alliance, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Association of Certified Forensic Investigators of Canada.  He has continued to contribute to the DIFA and MFAcc Programs and now delivers a formative Capstone seminar in our Advanced Standing Option Residency segment.  



Distinguished Contribution to the Development of Forensic Accounting Practice


David Stewart

David Stewart is a partner and the national leader of Deloitte’s Analytic and Forensic Technology Practice, which has pioneered the use of sophisticated technology methodologies in forensic accounting practice at Deloitte’s National Analytic & Discovery Centre in Toronto.  David is being recognized for his continued leadership in the introduction and development of data analytics labs into Canadian forensic accounting practice – a seminal development that will be fundamental to the future of forensic accounting.


2018 Awards 

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2017 Awards 

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