Alumni Profiles

Alumni enjoy successful and rewarding careers in a varied number of roles within firms, government, education, law, public sector, banking and as entrepreneurs. Many are Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, Partners and Vice-Presidents and have been involved in many high profile cases.  

Graph of careers

Meet some of our Graduates...

DIFA Class 2003

Nick Angellotti - President, Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc.

DIFA Class 2004

Luc Marcil - Lead Senior Director - Forensic Accounting, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

DIFA Class 2005

Corey Anne Bloom - Partner, MNP

DIFA Class 2006

Linda Drainville - CFO & DG, Canada Council for the Arts I Conseil des arts du Canada

DIFA Class 2007

Sophie Zaretto - Internal Auditor - Autorite des Marches Financiers

DIFA Class 2008

Marie Chantal Dréau - Partner, PwC Advisory Services - Forensic Accounting

DIFA Class 2009

Jack Blackier - Partner, Cox & Palmer Law

DIFA Class 2010

Loreen Austin - Director of Conduct, CPA Alberta
DIFA Class 2011

Scott Porter - Senior Investigator,CPA Ontario

DIFA Class 2012

Christopher Gray - Partner, PwC

DIFA Class 2013

Jack Martin - Director, KPMG

DIFA Class 2014

Krista Mooney - Partner - Forensic Services, PwC

DIFA Class 2015

Navjeet Vaid - Manager - Investigative & Forensic Services, MNP