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The MFAcc program begins annually in September. No other entry point is offered.

The MFAcc Program is a 24-month, professional graduate master's program, with a break in each summer.

Yes, the MFAcc Program is offered part-time, using a state-of-the-art online, interactive, learning format designed to be accessible and convenient for the working professional, whether international or domestic. 

No, the MFAcc program is available part-time only, there is no full-time or "in-class" option.

MFAcc classes are held one night a week, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST/EDT. 

There are 10 courses in the MFAcc program. Courses are taught one at a time. Each course is taught over an 8 – 10 week period that includes a final examination.

Yes, you are eligible to apply to the program, however, you must complete 2 courses before you can begin the MFAcc program in September.

You must complete two introductory accounting courses for admission purposes, they are: 

  • Introductory Financial Accounting and, 
  • Introductory Managerial Accounting.

Provided below are pre-approved courses that meet our admission requirements. Additional qualification courses taken at an institution not listed below require Director approval. 

Athabasca University: 

Introductory Financial Accounting


Accounting for Managers 


Toronto Metropolitan University: 

Introductory Financial Accounting


Introductory Management Accounting



University of Toronto – School of Continuing Studies: 

Accounting Fundamentals 


Management Accounting