Tuition Fees & Expenses

Annual Tuition Fees

The Tuition Fee Schedule for Publicly Funded Programs, such as the MFAcc Program, is reviewed annually. The Governing Council's decision with regard to this schedule is generally announced in July preceding the academic year. There is a $300 application fee that is non-refundable which funds the review required for your application.

The annual fees for students who began the program in September 2017 are listed below.  The tuition fees for students who will begin the program in September 2018 will be posted in July 2018, once they are confirmed.  The following is a guideline only, as there will be an increase in fees for 2018.  

  • Domestic students tuition fee (2017) - $20,370, for the first of two years only

* Plus University incidental fees (2017) - $791.68
* for a total for the first year (2017 - 2018): $21,161.68 

  • International students tuition fee (2017) - $26,440, for the first of two years only

* Plus University incidental fees (2017) - $791.68
* for a total for the first year (2017 - 2018): $27,231.68 

Once the applicant is accepted to the DIFA program, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required . This deposit will be applied towards the first tuition fee payment.Further detail may be found on the SGS website.


  • The tuition and incidental fees are ANNUAL (per year) fees.  As this is a two year program, fees stated would be times 2 years (for example, domestic tuition would be approximately $21,161.68 x 2 years = $42,323.36; International students would be approximately $27,231.68 x 2 years for a total program cost of $54,463.36
  • The fees are in Canadian Dollars.
  • The annual tuition fees are set by the University of Toronto Provost Office and are subjuct to change each year.
  • The costs of books, e-texts and other readings are incorporated into the cost of the program.

Residency Period Costs:

Students are financially responsible for transportation and accommodations while at the university during the residency course which is the last course in the second year. During class times, group meals are provided.  Accommodations can be in residence for approximately $60 a night or at a nearby hotel for $100 - $120 per night.

International students studying in the Program will be provided with medical coverage through the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) during the residency period. The fee for this coverage is mandatory. Further information regarding UHIP is available at the University of Toronto's Centre for International Experience.

Financing your Graduate Education 

The MFAcc Program is a professional course-based part-time on-line graduate program and does not offer any partial or fully funded scholarships. 

Domestic Students

Scotiabank Professional Student Plan

The Scotiabank and the University of Toronto have proposed a Professional Student Loan Plan for University of Toronto students enrolled in a professional program. Further information is available.

Federal or Provincial Loan Programs

Domestic students may be eligible for federal Government Student Loans/Grants.

In addition, there may be provincial funds available in a student's home province.

The University of Toronto cannot guarantee that applicants will receive funding or loans.

International Students

International students must seek funding from their home countries.